bears, BettyB00 and good-byes

  Isn't that a glorious view? We wrapped up our SOWER project at The Cove Thursday afternoon, determined to make a few more memories before heading home. One remaining must-do was Mount Mitchell, at 6,684 feet, the highest peak east of the Mississippi. Temps...


People often ask about the SOWER Ministry through which we volunteer. Their first question, typically: What do you do?*  The Hubs and I are newbies (a memorable first in 2021) but the two couples filling out our team have served 100 projects or more, collectively....

the seasons testify

Driving 81S this week, the landscape is a canvas of autumn hues. Honey golds, bold oranges, fiery reds, splashed across valleys, splattered on endless ridges, scrambling up each peak; bright brushstrokes of delight. In Acts 14, Paul says the seasons are an enduring...

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