i will arise

I didn’t know I needed a new word. I was content with renew, settled in for a season. But when it came, I received it gladly. Arise! My heart soared on the updraft of arise! Arise ... and what, exactly? I was willing but clueless. In the weeks to follow, I searched...

the best rest

I sat under my aunt's bottle brush tree and listened to the bees buzz. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, were hard at work on the bright red flowers. As a worker bee myself, sounds of their productivity was music to my ears. Did you know work was God's good idea? We learn...

of oranges and Jesus

We arrived at our first SOWER Ministry project site after the most taxing day of travel. Considering our first day, this is saying quite a lot! We’d departed Savannah with an ETA of 3:00 p.m. We hit nasty traffic in Orlando; it slid to 4:00 p.m. A few miles shy of...

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