pick up your mat!

The Paralytic at the Pool, Part 1 [and Part 2] What if wellness was up to you? Would you be made whole? It seems like a crazy question, eh? Our minds turn it over, suspicion curdling expectations. There must be a catch! Who wouldn’t want to be healed? I think,...

I believe

A glorious sunrise burst over the North Country just as I was starting to write. It was too good not to share. I bundled up and braved the cold, so you wouldn't miss out. A new day has dawned in the blogosphere, too. I'm writing again, happily.  The week between...

biblical meditation: big win

Part 2 of the biblical meditation series reveals the big win! To recap, in part 1, we learned biblical meditation: Fills your mind with God's Word; Was designed for our good and God's glory; Yields well-proven benefits. But wait, there's more! Biblical meditation...

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