the ark encounter

There's a lot to be said for Kentucky. Verdant, rolling hills -- even as August brings the heat. Miles upon miles of stark wooden fencing; graceful thoroughbreds at pasture. Small towns and friendly people brimming with character. Lush crops in full leaf and...

big kids, big trips

Have you ever struck on an idea that seemed quite brilliant ... in the moment? "Surely," you think, "This is one of my best ideas -- ever!" You tell everyone who shows any interest (and some who don't) all about it. Inevitably, perhaps much later, you realize...

short list for a long marriage

It's so much fun to share a link to a guest blog post, published by Revelation Wellness on May 8, 2023. The "Short List for a Long Marriage" was also included in the RW collection, "Resources for a Healthy & Whole Marriage," published on May 24. It's been a...

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