brave new world

Giant's Causeway
Giant's Causeway
Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland, 2017

This week I made a big decision: to let go. Let go of maintaining my past-professional persona. Let go of my old blog. Let go of all expectations for my future. I’m prepared to completely upend my own apple cart.

It’s taken some time to arrive at this decision. Until now, I couldn’t let go of my own expectations. Do more. Be more. Work more. Earn more. Until now, I lacked the courage to call Career 1.0 quits. There is no more joy in it for me. What I do enjoy, and always have, is writing. Simple insights, with sincerity. 

So then, here we are. You and me and my fresh start. These are challenging times in which we live, on a badly broken planet suffering the rampage of COVID-19. We cannot know what’s around the next bend — any more than I can know what God might do with my paltry offering as I lay down my pride and pick up my pen. It seems like a brave new world to me. Let us see what shall be.


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