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I’m thrilled you’re ready to Rev with me! There’s so much goodness in this faith-and-fitness ministry. It can be overwhelming, eh? Use this quick-start guide to get started. (Or backtrack on my journey, for context.)

1. Find a Class, Program, Event. Find an Instructor, Facilitator, Mentor, Coach. 

Search for classes, instructors, and facilitators here — so many options, friends. Certified Revelation Wellness instructors serve communities across the US and Canada and around the world. You’ll find in-person, online, or hybrid options; small group studies; faith and fitness challenges; all kinds of amazing events, including meet ups. Oh yeah, fitness classes, too.

My classes and opportunities are listed, too. I’d love to work with you!

2. Revelation Wellness Podcasts

Each podcast episode title designates its purpose. Look for “Be Still and Be Loved” for Scriptural meditation; “Revving the Word” to get moving; teaching sessions by topic interviews, too. You’ll rejoice as you embrace the freedom-fighting message of hope in Christ through every episode.

A word about meditation, if you please. Did you know we are called to rest? By this I mean set aside our to-do lists, settle into stillness, and invite the Spirit to speak. Deep-breathing and receiving His goodness is a daily discipline you don’t want to miss.

Both work and rest were God’s good ideas. The benefits of rest the way our Creator intended are exponential, friends. Allow me to encourage you about how this works in the best rest, a 2-minute read.

You’ll experience lasting change in your mind, body and spirit through biblical meditation. Learn why this practice is so important and how it differs from secular meditation. Take up the biblical meditation challenge to put this practice to the test!

3. RevWell TV Workouts, Online

RevWell TV is free, faith-based fitness, on demand. It doesn’t matter if you avoid the gym like the plague or you’re more of a gym rat: RevWell TV is for you. Yes, you!

Workouts are wide-ranging and inclusive, from mobility-challenged (chair) workouts to hard-core (RevX); from flexibility to cardio to strength training, and more. But, no pressure. However you move today is good enough. Let’s just agree to move in gratitude.

I invite you to Rev with me now — check out one of my faves to get started. There’s much joy to be stirred up with drumsticks!

4. The Wellness Revelation (TWR) Book / Study

If you’re ready to dive deep, eager to learn as much as you can as fast as possible, The Wellness Revelation is the ticket. “Lose whatever is weighing you down” through this transformative course of study.

Each week you’ll read and respond to one chapter of TWR; attend a video teaching; meditate and reflect on God’s Word; and move the good body He gave you with joy.

Nine weekly small-group sessions are facilitated, in-person or virtually, to work through this content. The full range of resources above are available only via certified Revelation Wellness Instructors, like me.

5. The Body Revelation Book / Study

Released in 2023,The Body Revelation is a book you do, even more than read. This is where we get down to it, friends. “Metabolize pain. Banish shame. Connect to God with your whole self.”

Thirteen weekly small-group sessions are facilitated, in-person or virtually, to work through this content. So much goodness, friend. Don’t miss it! 

And So.Much.More.

I could go on for pages about all of the amazing resources available through Revelation Wellness — and much of it for free, thanks to generous donors! Each opportunity is thoughtfully and prayerfully designed, developed, and delivered with authentic, Gospel-first goodness. You don’t want to miss out, friend. Let me know how I can help as you find your way.

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