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engineer me

Launching Revelation Wellness Instructor Training on January 30th, founder Alisa Keeton shared what the Lord pressed into her heart for our cohort: Isaiah 58:12, engineers.

I was blessed by the faithful word this lionhearted warrior delivered. She is so fierce for God’s kingdom! We are only the latest group of many in which she and her team have invested.

As she spoke, I began to weep, overcome by God’s faithfulness. To me. To us. To the generations. I knew I was where I needed to be for the work God desires to do in me.

Perhaps I should back up just a bit …

About this time last year, I was working through the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther with my sisters. We were mid-stream a months-long planning effort for a family celebration aligned with reconciliation.

One of my sisters suggested we fast. I was resistant. Another said we must be sure to hear a call to fast. I had no clue what that meant. No matter; I had no intention of fasting.

Until the Lord called me to fast! Say, what?

He used Isaiah 58 to get my attention. It was so poignant and appropriate for my burden. His directive was clear; I couldn’t deny it. Even so, I wriggled, wrestled, tried to bargain. Finally, I conceded. Reluctantly, I told my sisters.

I’m so glad God didn’t let me (us) off the hook. Over forty days, He showed up in some amazing ways. I learned my lesson! The blessings of obedience far surpassed the cost. Why was I surprised? Isaiah 58:6-12 is chock full of true-fast promises.

Alisa’s Scripture was confirming, almost like picking up a book where I’d left off, eager to finish. But her word was a revelation of truth that pierced my heart. I embraced the calling of engineer. If only for a bell to ring in celebration!

My father was an auto mechanic and a teacher, among other things. He and I shared a lot of traits. As the second of four girls, I teased that I was the first-born son. I liked working with my dad. I developed a knack for “engineering” solutions. My affinity for my dad’s strengths led me to a career in technology and education.

My father came to faith in Christ late in his life, a couple of years before he died. He didn’t say much about it, at least not to me. I’ll never forget one Sunday how he prayed over dinner. My heart soared in realization: the Spirit lived within him!

My father’s passing was a most sacred experience. HIs last words were his testimony, “We’re all working for the glory of God.” We were amazed and blessed by his parting gift. I’ve never doubted my dad is in heaven.

When Alisa called us engineers, an image of my dad flashed before me. Not as he was but as he is now —  at work in heaven. He was slightly bent over, head down, focused on the work at hand.** I’ve held this close to my heart all week, contemplating its meaning. I’ve considered how God continues the good work He’s started to completion (Philippians 1:6).

I’ve been only vaguely aware we’ll work in heaven (Revelation 22:3). I’m encouraged to consider my dad and I working in tandem for the glory of God. I trust my dad attends to heaven-work with gladness, never weary, the curse of earth-toil lifted. Meanwhile, my Heavenly Father ministers so tenderly to me. I know His work continues in others, too.

God called me to write, to testify of His faithfulness to and through the generations. Now I know He has also called me an engineer. Moreover, the Creator himself engineered me for such a time as this. I’m so grateful for His good hand upon me.

Rebuild. Raise up. Repair. Restore. Sounds like good work to me. My dad, no doubt, agrees.



** Many months later, my mom, hearing my story for the first time, told me about a vision she’d received of my dad. Hers occurred shortly after he passed. She also saw him bent over his work in heaven. I’m stunned to consider God’s faithfulness in this double-vision.

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  1. What a wonderful testimony. My heart soars to know that Uncle Dave is in heaven, with his sister, my mom. I’m sure they are celebrating more than they ever did here on earth. I’m sure they are both preparing for their spouses to join them.
    I love so you so much my dear cousin. I am so blessed by your writings. I am so grateful God made us not only family, but friends, and best of all sisters in Christ.

    1. God is so faithful! In addition to all of the thing you said, I love that you’re also my Bible study buddy. ;=) XO

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